A Master Electrician in three states and a brain that's wired for any job.
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Our Story

Seth was first exposed to basic electrical circuitry and components in the US Navy working on board naval ships. Upon completion of active duty, he entered the five-year electrical apprenticeship to learn the trade. Looking to further his skill set, he was chosen as an electrical project manager for a large beef processing facility overseeing continuous upgrades at three facilities working with numerous electrical contractors and hundreds of electricians on various projects.

He saw the need for a local electrical contractor with the ability to oversee projects with the customer's goals in mind and a commitment to providing projects on time, on budget and up to code.

Seth's wife, a business major from Iowa State, was pregnant with their third son and together they started laying the foundation of what would become Schramm Electric. Stating with obtaining their licenses, registering with State and local municipalities, insurance and bonding. They started very small, a used minivan & basic tools.

The past five years have been exciting and rewarding to Schramm Electric, now with multiple employees, service vehicles, equipment, and a new office they are further solidifying their relationships and commitment to their customers.