Fire Prevention Month

Schramm Electric prioritizes the safety of their team and their customers. It’s Fire Prevention Month and all of us here at Schramm Electric would like to take a moment to thank all firefighters and first responders. We want to thank those who risk their safety to ensure other’s. Schramm Electric acknowledges that electrical fires are one of the leading causes of structural fires. Here at Schramm Electric we are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and employees.

Did you know that each year home electrical fires amount to 51,000 fires, 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and 1.3 billion dollars in property damage. The majority of the fires are started by faulty outlets, light fixtures, extension cords, space heaters, and wiring. The question is: How do we prevent them?

Well… Experts report that the breakers in Federal Pacific Electrical panels cannot be trusted to properly protect a home or building if an overcurrent or short circuit occur. The panel will overheat and result in an electrical fire.

“We sustained a horrible fire in January of this year… We did have a Federal Pacific Electrical panel at the time. We were later told that the fire may not have occurred if the Federal Pacific Electrical panel had done its job of “shutting” activity down so to speak…” – Homeowner regarding their experience with Federal Pacific Panels

Thankfully, safety is one of Schramm Electric’s top priorities. Call us today for safer and more reliable electrical panel replacements.

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